Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holidays are here again

So today marks the start of our very long Thanksgiving weekend. In the past Seth and I have tried our best to make it to each family to celebrate, but this year we've decided to cut back, so we will be spending Thanksgiving with his family (which is still two separate events). I'm mostly excited because this is Orion's first real holiday. We'll get to see his aunts and grandparents, as well as Seth's grandparents, which is always lots of fun. The trip back is never fun (a normal 4 hour drive done with a baby and 2 dogs making it a 5+ hour trip). I mean seriously, how do you keep a baby entertained in a car for HOURS with literally nothing to do. I mean all he wants to do at this point is crawl around, climb on things, and explore in general. Instead we have to strap him to a chair with no real view, hand him a couple toys, and say "tough cookies"? Doesn't sound like a good time to me. I will probably spend my time in the back seat with him to try to keep him calm, but he HATES his car seat with a passion. Hopefully the trip goes smoothly. My sanity can definitely not handle hour after hour of screaming baby in the car. However, what I think is even harder and more trying is attempting to make sure that each side of the family has an relatively equal amount of time spent with them so that we don't hurt anyone's feelings/piss anyone off. It's hard. It would definitely be way more convenient for us to spend our whole weekend staying at one house instead of packing up all our stuff half way through and switching, but that doesn't seem fair I suppose. It's just a hassle...and makes reason 183,585 not to get a divorce!! I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving weekend with great weather, amazing food, and cheerful family.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh where oh where has my time gone??

So Halloween went off without a hitch. We decided not to take Orion trick-or-treating, even though the day turned out to be beautiful. Instead we decided to spend at least 1 more year handing out candy to those desperate kids in our neighborhood (we're the only house on the block that does so we feel guilty not doing it!!). We did do other things though instead. We started Orion off in a cute little ghost t-shirt (thanks Aunt Ashley) and played around the house for a while. We then put on the adorable little frog suit which was impossible to crawl in on the wood floors. He hated the costume until he figured out how to move in the dang thing, but was then ok with it. We took him into Seward to the park where they were having all sorts of kiddy games and prizes. He was too little to do too much, but we still had fun wandering around watching all the kids in costume. We also tried to get O to play in the leaves but he just wasn't into that at all...he would stand in them while holding onto me, but would not crawl in them to save his life. We then went home and spent the evening watching movies, playing, and handing out candy. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to a beautiful sunshiny day and decided to take full advantage of it. Orion was in his Halloween pjs but he looked so cute that I decided to leave him in them for the day. We ended up going to the park and spent tons of time swinging and just enjoying the sunshine. It really was a great weekend. I took tons of pictures, so I thought maybe I would share a few of them with you so you can see how damn cute my boy is!

From Orion 6 Months
Orion in his Ghost t-shirt. He was in such a good mood.

From Orion 6 Months
I love this picture. He looks so beautiful and serene.

From Orion 6 Months
Orion in his froggy costume. He laid around like this for a while...kind of like a turtle stuck on his back.

From Orion 6 Months
O with the bookshelves. Notice he went straight for the Linux stuff!!

From Orion 6 Months
He LOVES to swing. This is one of tons of pictures I took of him giggling!

I have tons more pictures so check out my latest Picasa album. I hope you all had a weekend as amazing as ours was.