Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Week 25--Changes and Developments

Welcome to another exciting week within our baby's development. I'll tell you right now, she must be practicing to be either a gymnast, or the female Chuck Norris (that's right, I'm saying round house kicks!!). Either way, she's moving around a lot and it's very exciting, even if it is somewhat distracting at times. Other than that, there are a few developments for this week. They include:
  • The structure of the spine beginning to form
  • Taste buds are forming
  • The hands are fully developed -- fingerprints and all!
  • The blood vessels of the lungs are developing
  • The nostrils are beginning to open
Not a lot is going on, but that means that she is mostly done! I also have a feeling that in only a couple weeks, my now nearly non-existent belly button will be turning from an inny, to an outie! Tonight we head back toward North Platte for a long weekend of food and family. It's always entertaining, but exhausted. I'm excited to see the family though. Hopefully it all turns out well. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 24--Developments and Changes

Ok, so I'm a day late again. I know, I'm terrible. With work, school, and all of those super exciting things I have had NO time! Anyways, welcome to week 24! YAY!! All of the websites I've looked at argue about which month that makes it. I've seen some that say that I'm 5 months (which kinda makes a little sense with my due date 4 months away), but I've seen others that say I'm at 7 months, so I think I'll stick with weeks. No one argues about that at least. The baby finally has all of her senses-- vision, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. I kinda feel bad because I'm sure things don't taste so yummy in there, but who knows. Other developments include:
  • Blood vessels in the lungs are developing
  • Almost fully developed eyelashes
  • She is starting to produce white blood cells, which fight disease and infection
  • Her inner ear is now completely developed which means she has a sense of balance.
So that's it for another exciting episode of "Developments and Changes." Turn in next week when we jump right into week 25. I'll try not to be late!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Dr. Appointment

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like going to the doctor right? Ok, so today isn't my b-day but yesterday was. That's close enough right?? Anyway, we went to the Dr. this morning. I've gained a little bit of weight, but it's only four pounds so it's no big deal at all. They checked my blood pressure (which was good), my blood sugar (which was good too), and one nurse even told me my pee looked good. That's the weirdest compliment I have ever gotten. They were mean though and gave me a flu shot (and I HATE needles!!). They also checked in on the little one and her heart beat was 150 bpm. At least she didn't protest this time! So everything looks good. From this point on Dr. appointments start being every 3 weeks. Just when I thought I couldn't go to the Dr. anymore they up the ante and make me go more often. Meh. So anyway, everything is good, my baby is healthy, I'm healthy, and everything is PERFECT! Who would have thunk it?

Week 23--Developments and Changes

So welcome to week 23. The little gymnast inside of me is going crazy with excitement at this point. She's moving enough that even Seth can feel her wiggles on occasion. This week she does have a few things of her own going on in there:
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are forming
  • Lips are becoming more distinct
  • Eyes are becoming more developed, but they still lack color
  • The bones of the middle ear begin to harden
  • The pigment that colors her skin is being deposited this week
  • Her body is also becoming more proportioned.
So there you have it folks. This week I'll be nice and keep my ramblings short and sweet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 22--Developments and Changes

This week in baby development says that she should be able to hear and respond to sounds at this point, meaning we can have her jamming out to music with us! Ever seen the dancing baby?? That's what I'm imagining.

Other fetal development that is occurring when you are about 22 weeks pregnant includes the following:
  • The eyelids and eyebrows become well developed.
  • The development of fingernails is completed.
  • Taste buds have started to form on the tongue.
  • The uterus and ovaries are in place and the vagina is developed. At this point, a girl will have about 7 million eggs in her ovaries, which will drop down to about 2 million when she is born.
  • The liver is starting to break down bilirubin, which is a substance found in red blood cells. Once broken down by the liver, bilirubin is removed from the body through the intestines.
Other than that we just sit and wait for the baby to grow. Say it with me now...Grow baby grow!!