Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Orion's laugh has once again played my little heart strings like a violin. Last night Orion was playing with a piece of paper (yeah my kid is SUPER easily entertained) while sitting on the couch next to Ashley. She kept yelling that he was going to paper cut her face and spazing out like she is apt to do. Finally, after about 5 minutes of this, she slapped the paper that Orion was playing with and it made a loud cracking noise. Orion laughed a laugh that I have never heard, but it truly was one of pure joy. Usually his laughs are somewhat short and almost seem like he's just humoring you. This one was completely different. He was laughing like a "real" person and it really was the greatest thing I have ever heard. Ashley thumped the paper again and the laughter ensued. By the end of it Ashley and I were both laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and I had tears streaming down my face. Orion was happy and having a good time. Nothing could have made my night any better than that moment..the moment I heard the laugh my son will have for the rest of his life. Oh, I almost forgot. He also started WHISTLING last night. I have no idea where it came from, but he does it on accident I think. He makes this surprised face where he makes his mouth into a little tiny "O" and lifts his eyebrows up really high. While doing that he will blow out and yesterday he whistled. He did it all evening. Now I know it was by accident, but still. I think it's pretty amazing, especially since he was able to reproduce it after he did it on accident the first time. Damn my kid rocks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My son is 9 months old.

I spent this weekend trying to prepare for the holiday season and spending time with Orion and Seth. It was a pretty good weekend. We got some gifts bought for O on Sunday (man it's great that he's too little to know what is going on so he can go shopping with us and test out the presents in the store!!). I really still don't know exactly what I should be buying for him because, well, he's still little but he's so smart. Oh well, I'm sure he'll enjoy the wrapping paper and boxes more than most things we can buy him anyway. He is now officially 9 months old. I can't believe how much he has changed in the last few weeks even. This weekend he started clapping on his own. It is nearly silent, but it is still the cutest damn thing I think I have ever seen in my life. This afternoon is his 9 month Dr. appointment so we'll get to see his height and weight once again. I'm excited to see where he lands there. As far as I know the only shot he'll need is the booster for his flu shot, so that won't be so bad either. Other than that, everything else is been progressing quickly. He can easily pull himself up on everything, can stand on his own when he isn't thinking about it, will walk when holding your hands (although it is a bit stiff-legged and super funny looking), and can maneuver all over if he has something to hold him up. He walks in circles around the coffee table and couch, and is starting to walk behind his push toys. It's amazing to me. He blows my mind. So that's what is happening in our life at the moment. I will try to get an update on how the Dr. appointment went this evening. Have a great day!!