Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter weekend I took Orion back to midwestern Nebraska to spend the weekend with my family.  He had a blast hanging out with all the other kids that were around, dying and hunting eggs, and playing at the park.  Here are some pics of Orion's awesome adventures.

O and his Aunt Arlana

Orion loves his Grandma Kathy

Orion and Blake are so sweet together.

Ashley loves Orion

Playing with Aunt Jo

Orion at the park

He loved dying eggs.

And finding them

O and his basket.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dress Up

Orion is starting to dress himself, and because of that he has started playing dress up a lot.  It's so much fun to watch.  His outfits are always random and entertaining.  Here is a sampling of some of his costumes and random dressing. 

Orion loves is Spiderman stocking cap.  He wears it everywhere.  He looks like a little thug in this picture and I love it.

Seth wears glasses and one of his little friends at school also wears glasses.  Orion found an old pair of glasses around the house and after I removed the lenses he has been running all over the house wearing them.  I think it's adorable.

Ok, so I know it isn't really a costume, but this is O in his batman pjs and he loves them.  This picture was taken at 7:11p right on O's 2nd birthday.    I love him.

Orion's got lots of random dressup clothes and this is one of the random outfits.  He's sporting the shield and axe from "How to Train Your Dragon" and his Spiderman mask.  Quite a combo right?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An update in pictures

Life has been going well.  O is growing and developing so quickly.  He's incredibly smart and can already count to 10.  We're working on colors now.  I'm sure he'll have them down soon.  Here is an update of his life in pictures:

Seth took O to the zoo.  From the looks of things they had a ton of fun together playing and seeing the animals. 
He's no longer in a crib and is sleeping in a toddler bed.  This is what i see every morning when I go in to wake him up.

He's also adorable as a tiny little gamer.....not to mention the pirate underwear.  I wish I was as cool as this kid. 

O sitting on Seth's motorcycle.  He looks like a gnome and I think it's adorable.

Orion got his first hair cut.  This is the before picture.  

This is the after picture.  He looks so grown up now.  

I'm learning to see the beauty in the little things in life and am hoping to teach that to Orion.  Seeing our hand prints side by side in the dirt before it was washed away by the rain made me smile.  I'm glad I captured it before it was washed away forever.