Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No no no

Orion has finally learned this word.  Now, I'm not had to happen eventually, but now it's constant.  We went from having a little "yes" man to saying no to EVERYTHING.

Me:  Hey Orion.  Would you like some juice?
O:  NO!
Me:  How about a cookie?
O:  NO!
I then proceed to put the cookies away...while my son screams because really he DOES want a cookie, despite his protests.  
Me:  Ok, so do you want a cookie?
O:  NO!
I try to hand the cookie to Orion but he tries to slap it away.  I sit the cookie on the table and he walks over, picks it up, and begins to eat it.  

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love   having a toddler around??  At least he's cute right?
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