Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Last weekend my parents came up to spend the weekend with us.  Orion loves to have them around so he had an amazing time.

The weather was beautiful so Orion got to spend a lot of time outside.  They got to try to fly kites (which was only kinda successful considering there wasn't a whole lot of wind happening).

Kite flying is hard work though! 

Orion and Manny got to sit in the cockpit of a jet.  They were both very excited.

The engine alone makes him look very tiny.   

Orion also took the time to dye some eggs.  He thought using his hands was way easier than the egg holder.  I'm pretty sure he'll be multi-colored for weeks. 

He also got to do an egg hunt.  It was a lot of fun to watch him run all over the yard and around the house desperately searching for them.  I actually even enjoyed hiding them with Seth.  It's the little moments in life that I find myself wanting to remember and hold onto.  

Orion got some purple bubbles.   They were uber messy but he really enjoyed them.  They stayed around for a long time and were way easier to see.  I thought it was awesome.

He also convinced Manny to play Kinect Adventures with him.  My mom and I couldn't stop laughing while watching the two of them.  At least they had fun.

Jaime came up to celebrate her birthday as well.  Orion got her playing the game too.  I think she loved it.

We took her out for supper and got to spend some time with her.  We love having her around.

Orion and I also decorated a cake for her....and made her take the thing home with her.  I'm pretty sure she liked it.  Who doesn't love TONS and TONS of sprinkles?  

So those were our adventures last weekend.  It's been crazy around here, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
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