Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankfulness -- Enthusiasm

Today I am thankful for the enthusiasm of my son for the world around him.  His sense of joy and appreciation for the world around him never ceases to make me proud.  Hearing his tiny voice shout out in excitement when he sees something new or exhilarating always puts a smile on my face.  Today, we left the house early to go grocery shopping (exciting stuff, I know) and as we were driving home, we saw about a dozen wild turkeys crossing the road in front of our drive.  We stopped and watched them until they were safely across the street, and then continued to pull into our driveway.  As we approached the house, we saw more and more turkeys in the yard all the way around the house.  I couldn't help but think that Thanksgiving had brought itself to my house, but Orion was SO excited to see them all.  He would sneak around the corner of the house and watch them jumping up on the fence and pecking around.  He would search the small piles of snow we have left until he found turkey tracks and try to figure out where they went.  We probably spent 30 minutes outside in the chilly morning air, giggling and watching the turkeys wander around the yard.  At one point we counted, and there was well over 30 of them...not including the ones that had crossed the street on our way home. Orion was so excited and when they finally decided to leave the yard, Orion waved his arms and yelled "Bye Turkeys!  Thanks for coming!!"  I love that boy so much, and seeing how excited he gets over the little things helps me remember to find my own type of joy in the world.  Today, I'm thankful for his excitement.
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