Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloweeeeeny Feeeeling

I'm usually one that is SUPER excited to get dressed up and celebrate Halloween. I love the dramatic theatrics, the lame costumes, and the tiny demons that run the streets. I just realized yesterday that I had not even considered a costume for myself this year because I've been too busy getting ready for O's first Halloween. This boy really has changed everything! I look at him and realize how blessed I am. He's grown so quickly that I really can't believe it. I know, I's said too much. However, I've started to notice changes in him the last few weeks that I never really thought about before. He has started pulling himself up on EVERYTHING which means the coffee table is no longer safe for my glass of water....or my supper.....or laptop...etc. He has also decided that it's cool to crawl and is getting pretty damn fast at it. He is growing so tall that his jeans are once again getting to the point that he's almost too tall for them but his butt is still so tiny that size 2 diapers wrap over themselves. I think he's going to be shaped just like his daddy, which is fine with me. We are getting ready for Halloween, like I said, and have already previewed Orion in his adorable little full body frog suit (tribute to mario music here). I've even debated potentially painting his face green. Is that cruel?? I probably won't go through with it, but it'd be soooo funny. We've also debated over taking him out trick or treating. I mean, seriously, he is not even 8 months old. What is he going to do with a bunch of candy? That pretty much boils down to me and/or Seth wandering around begging for candy with a cute baby as a shield. But at the same time, I want to run all over the place showing off Orions' cuteness with the world. Oh well, I guess we'll figure it out...someday, somehow. I'll let ya know how it goes.
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