Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy crap..what next???

So yesterday turned out to be a pretty amazing evening for little "O" around our place. It started shortly after we got home from work. I was in the kitchen looking for/preparing something for supper. I turned around and saw Orion army-crawling his way into the kitchen, which is nothing new or amazing. Usually he'll crawl up to me and tug on my pants so that I will pick him up. I turned around to the stove to continue cooking and anticipated his pull....but nothing was happening. So I turned to see what he was up to (mind you, Seth is watching this whole time) and Orion has his eyes fixed on the open cabinet where his food is kept and he is steadly scooting that direction. Once he reached the cupboard he pulled out the shelf (we have those rolly-shelf things that make it way easier to get to the back) grabbed his favorite vegetable baby food(sweet potato) and proceeded to scoot away. Once he got closer to the living room he began investigating the baby food trying to figure out how to open. I was amazed by his intelligence. He didn't happen across the food by chance, and didn't seem surprised by any step in his process. It was almost like he was sitting in the living room and decided "hey, I'm hungry. I want some sweet potatoes" and then proceeded to go get them! Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and feed the poor child!

As if that wasn't enough, later on Seth and I were watching tv after Orion's evening nap. Orion was sitting on my lap when he spotted the remote controls sitting on the back of the couch. He lifted himself up, grabbed the back of the couch, and proceded to walk down the couch to get the remote he wanted. Seth and I were in we moved the remote to the other end of the couch and watched him walk back. I couldn't believe my eyes. He's not even 7 months old yet, but here he is walking his way along my couch! I sat him down on the floor next to the coffee table...where he decided to go from his his hands and knees...and then grabbed the side of the table and stood up ALL BY HIMSELF! Seriously! This boy won't even crawl yet and here he is trying to walk! I think we could be in trouble. He's so proud of himself...and I am too.
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