Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Laughter abound

Orion is amazing.  His laughter is contagious.  I wish there were words adequate to fully explain everything that he means to me, but alas, I am at a loss. He's so incredibly intelligent that he blows my mind.  Purely by observation he has learned where things are located (like his favorite cookies) and will go to the right cupboard and point up when he wants one.  He also can locate a loaf of bread in the breadbox, or the juice in the fridge.  He is also extremely curious, and his growing height means a whole new level of things for him to see for the first time and no surface he can reach is safe.  He loves to look at books, and will often bring them to me to read to him.  He loves to throw or kick a ball.  He absolutely loves going on walks, and playing at the park.  He's starting to understand questions and when you ask him something he'll almost always give you an answer (usually "yeah").  He can even nod his head.  He just may be a genius, but he is stubborn as heck.  No matter how many time I tell him no, redirect him, or anything else he will do what he wants to whether I want him to or not, most of all playing with my Stephen King books (which secretly makes me proud as hell!).  We even rearranged the location of the books to put his books where the SK ones were previously located thinking maybe that would stop him, but instead he just changed where he goes to look at them.  His favorite is my "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" pop-up book.  I try to keep it away from him most the time, but usually end up breaking down, pulling it off the shelf, letting him crawl into my lap, and read it to him...and let me tell you that it's just terrible to have to do that (sarcasm anyone??)  Also, he dances.  He loves music, bobbing his little butt up and down, bouncing around the house with a smirk on his face.  By watching us he has learned to headbang (every rocker momma's dream).  However, he hasn't learned the appropriate time yet to do so, which makes me laugh so hard.  This lead to one of my favorite ever geek moments from my little dude. 

I have a recently discovered obsession for Stargate, specifically SG-1.  Lately I've been watching it daily in an effort to complete the entire series (I'm half way through season 5) which usually means that I am rocking Orion to sleep and watching Stargate at the same time.  He loves the show, which is something that makes me want to tear up anyway, but the other day he took it to a new level.  I started the show, and the theme song starts, and Orion, who is standing next to me begins to dance.  He's bouncing around, laughing...and then starts head banging.  My son is standing in my living room, headbanging to Stargate.  I have never in my life been more proud of my tiny geekling, and the potential hidden deep in him. 
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