Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rockets, Robots, and R-electricity

Ok, so the title is lame...or sounds like Scooby-doo.  Don't judge!  Anyway, last weekend we had the opportunity to take Orion to the Air & Space Museum to see their temporary Robots exhibit.   I got there and while I was excited I really expected to see a few pieces from the "Robots" movie (since that was what was advertised) and maybe a few little gadgets and gizmos but I was incredibly impressed.  They did have life-sized replicas of the different characters

along with different concept art from the creation of the movie

They had areas for Orion to build his own robot and a few on display to show how they could work.  And if that wasn't enough....they also had an area that was showing off famous robots through history.

Including a fan favorite!!!

Orion thought it was pretty awesome...but I think that daddy was just as impressed! 

We also got to see a display of some awesome electrical tricks and learned quite a bit.

And of course we got to check out all the different airplanes, helicopters, and rockets that are always housed at the museum.....

After this trip we also took the time to go to the Comic Book store and spent the day hanging out together.  It was a pretty spectacular day full of all sorts of geekery.  Sometimes it's easy to see just how lucky we are. 

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