Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes Quiet isn't a bad thing.

Today was a day where we really didn't do much of anything.  It's days like this one that I find it incredibly challenging to come up with something witty to say or a story to share.  Orion continues his obsessive spewing of dinosaur facts, which amazes me and entertains me on so many levels.  I'm a proud momma that he knows the word "velociraptor."  It's pretty incredible.   Now I'm laying in bed, listening to him talking in his sleep through the walls.  I often wonder what his little brain dreams of.  He is so ambitious and excitable during the day that I can't even imagine how incredibly vivid and enthusiastic his dreams must be.  I mean, they cause the boy to roll like a maniac and talk in his sleep....that says something right (and yes I realize this more means that he has inherited his terrible sleep issues from me, but a momma can try to be positive right??)?  It seems like it has been a very long week, so I think we are all ready for the weekend.
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