Thursday, March 21, 2013


Where has the time gone?  After Orion's birthday things got a bit chaotic with travel, company, and finals week, but we are back.  

Lately Orion has taken to playing this game....I'm not sure we can really call it a game....Anyway, at random he will point at someone and yell "Bagel!"  Fortunately he hasn't done this to a stranger yet, only me and Seth, but we are not sure what it even means. Yesterday when Seth dropped Orion off at school, all his little friends ran over and pointed at each other, yelling "BAGEL" and giggling like crazy.  When we asked Orion what this means he says "It's just funny."  I suddenly feel like the not cool parent who isn't up to date on the kid's lingo.  I suppose this is just the first of many times in his life that I will look at Orion with confusion and wonder why he is doing something odd.  It seems relatively painless at least.  And honestly, the look on his face...and his "I gotcha" finger points make it so that I can't help but eventually get the giggles as well.  Maybe "bagel" is just funny.
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