Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Dreams

So for the last couple weeks now my dreams have been very vivid (even more so than normal) and are weird. Most of them are good dreams, or just silly, but a few of them are scary (at least at the time. They are ridiculous now). I know that people say pregnant women have weird dreams, partly because of all they have on their minds, and partly because of the changes in hormone and body. Anyway, the greatest part of my whacked out dreams is that I have remembered at least one of them every morning for the last week, so I've decided to share some of them with you, at least brief descriptions from inside my crazy brain.

Monday night:
I had a dream that the baby was born as a 2 year old, so instead of going from no kids to watching a baby grow and develop, we had to deal with the terrible twos right away! The entire dream was me chasing the kid around the hospital trying to keep it out of trouble instead of holding and snuggling like you'd think you would after being born. At least the little boy was cute!

Sunday night:
The dream on Sunday really didn't have anything to do with babies, but it was weird all the same. I was practicing playing the flute (No I don't play the flute) so that I could do a flute duet with my cousin Sylvia. Since I was just learning how to play, I was trying to ask her with help on some of the notes because I couldn't remember the fingerings. She refused to help me so I told her she could just do a solo because I was never going to learn the music by myself in time. She got mad at me and told me that I was fat and ugly and that she didn't want to be my friend anyway (yeah she acted like a 5 year old). She stomped off and I threw my flute at her, and then woke up.

Saturday night:
I was at some fancy dinner party visiting with a bunch of people I didn't know when I started to feel a pressure in my abdomen. I reached down and was able to feel the baby's foot pressing against my stomach (which wasn't any bigger than it is now). I could actually grab my baby's foot and hold onto it. I was convinced that I was much further along than I was being told, and was trying to convince Seth of it. The weird part was that I didn't have the normal pregnancy belly. Instead, on my lower abdomen I had a "lump" about the size of an orange that I could grab and feel the baby moving in. It was really weird.

Friday night:
I was outside on our front porch in a pair of shorts when this squirrel ran up to me. It got closer and closer and then all of the sudden ran up my legs into my shorts, and began attacking me. The damn thing tried to tear its way into my body so it could eat the baby. Apparently they have a good nutty flavor or something. Who knows. It was really scary at the time, but now looking back it is just plain nutso!

So those are some of my dreams. I've had more but at least you can see what's going on in my brain a little bit. I hope you enjoyed!
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