Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 9 -- Developments and Changes

It's that time again folks. Time to review the changes and developments that will be happening to the tiny life that is being formed. So, without further ado:
  • Nipple and hair follicles begin to form
  • The abdomen and chest cavities become separate
  • Eye muscles and upper lip develop
  • First fetal movements can be detected using an ultrasound
  • The nerve cells of the retinas form in the eyes
  • The semicircular canals of the ears form
  • The nasal passages open to the outside
  • The nerve connections from the retina to the brain are established
  • A distinct neck connects the head to the body
  • All fingers and toes are present
  • The urinary and rectal passages are completely separate
  • The intestines start to move out of the umbilical cord and into the abdomen.
Also, the baby is now about 1 inch long and weighs about one-eighth of an ounce (which is about equal to the weight of a paper clip). The tail at the bottom of the baby's spinal cord is shrinking, and the head is now nearly half the size of its entire body. Seth is sad that the baby is losing the tail this week. I think he was secretly hoping for a monkey...or at least a baby with a tail.

At least week 8 went much faster than week 7. Let's hope the rest of the weeks to come follow that trend.
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