Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Child Care is the Devil

During the last couple days I have started checking into child care centers. It still seems really early to me, but I don't want to be left someplace I don't want to be, especially when I've worked in child care and know how difficult it can be to find a good place for infants since centers can generally have fewer infants than they can toddlers and preschoolers. So far it's already been frustrating and I'm not sure what my next steps should be. I've only been contacting places that have a website so I can have some knowledge of them before I bother contacting them. I found one place that I was really impressed with, plus was the cheapest place I've found so far, but it doesn't look like she will have openings when I need them. Other than that I have only found a few places that I am not really that impressed with, or places that seem nice but are super expensive. I'm sure everything will turn out for the best, but at this point I'm just extremely frustrated. UGH!
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