Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Dr. Appointment

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like going to the doctor right? Ok, so today isn't my b-day but yesterday was. That's close enough right?? Anyway, we went to the Dr. this morning. I've gained a little bit of weight, but it's only four pounds so it's no big deal at all. They checked my blood pressure (which was good), my blood sugar (which was good too), and one nurse even told me my pee looked good. That's the weirdest compliment I have ever gotten. They were mean though and gave me a flu shot (and I HATE needles!!). They also checked in on the little one and her heart beat was 150 bpm. At least she didn't protest this time! So everything looks good. From this point on Dr. appointments start being every 3 weeks. Just when I thought I couldn't go to the Dr. anymore they up the ante and make me go more often. Meh. So anyway, everything is good, my baby is healthy, I'm healthy, and everything is PERFECT! Who would have thunk it?
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