Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 22--Developments and Changes

This week in baby development says that she should be able to hear and respond to sounds at this point, meaning we can have her jamming out to music with us! Ever seen the dancing baby?? That's what I'm imagining.

Other fetal development that is occurring when you are about 22 weeks pregnant includes the following:
  • The eyelids and eyebrows become well developed.
  • The development of fingernails is completed.
  • Taste buds have started to form on the tongue.
  • The uterus and ovaries are in place and the vagina is developed. At this point, a girl will have about 7 million eggs in her ovaries, which will drop down to about 2 million when she is born.
  • The liver is starting to break down bilirubin, which is a substance found in red blood cells. Once broken down by the liver, bilirubin is removed from the body through the intestines.
Other than that we just sit and wait for the baby to grow. Say it with me now...Grow baby grow!!
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