Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My SUPER baby

Last week Seth and I decided to look at a "developmental chart" to see where Orion is in development. By 6 months he should be able to:

Hold my head up and look all around (check)
Recognize familiar faces and smile at you (check)
Coo, giggle, and make lots of sounds (check)
Push up on my hands and knees (for the most part.....he slides off his knees though)
Roll from back to stomach and vice versa (check)
Love to be held and cuddled (most of the time. He just loves to play)
Search for sounds and turn head toward them (check).

Because he had reached so many of these check points we decided to look at the 9 month chart:

Sit up without much help (check)
Begin to pull myself up and stand without help (can stand without help, can't QUITE pull himself up from the floor yet)
Crawl or scoot forward (check)
Use thumb and finger to pick up little things(close)
Recognize/look for familiar people (check)
Start to imitate and make sounds of real words (check)
Love to dump toys or things out of containers (check)

And at 12 months:

Stand alone holding onto furniture (check)
Cruise around holding on (not yet)
Take beginning steps toward walking alone (not yet)
Dance or bounce to music (check)
Respond to his name (check)
Want parents to be where he can see them (check)
Show fear or anxiety of people I don't know (check).

So here is my question: Is my son a SUPER baby, or do doctors just have REALLY low expectations for children?? I'm actually very curious about this because I've seen several other baby's that are Orion's age that don't seem to be doing half of the stuff he is. Do I REALLY have a genius, or am I just really biased because he's mine and AWESOME!!!
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