Saturday, January 7, 2012

Geeky 365 -- Day 108

Seth and I took Orion to the Omaha Zoo today.  The weather here has been incredibly nice and there has been no snow since well before Christmas so we decided to take advantage of that and hit the zoo in January...something that isn't really done that often in Nebraska. 

Orion had so much fun running up and down the hills and checking out all of the animals. 

He wanted to see them and take pictures of them.  He laughed and jabbered, tried to make friends with other little kids there, and had a great day. His laugh is infectious so even strangers were laughing at his rambling. 

He staked claims on a polar bear and told the other little boy there that he could have the black bear because O's bear was at home.  He then told him "My bear will fight your bear though."  Both me and the random kid's mom were just standing there laughing watching these two little boys talk about something like they'd known each other their whole life. 

I have no idea where O gets that trait.  Neither Seth or I is incredible social or great with people, so seeing that in him is pretty awesome.   After the zoo O was pretty tired so the rest of the evening was pretty uneventful.  Supper, bath time, and snuggles were really all O had in mind.  I would say that he definitely had a great day.

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