Monday, January 30, 2012

Geeky 365 -- Day 128

I took the weekend off of blogging.  Usually if I miss a day I go back and make posts for the time I missed but I do not plan on doing that this time.  I needed a few days to just relax and not put a lot of thoughts into things and since O was with his daddy for the weekend it seemed like a good time to do it. Now I'm back in full swing and am feeling much better.  Today was a beautiful day here.  It was over 65 degrees when I picked O up after work so they were playing outside.  We ran to the grocery store and then took the cart through the car wash.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  He asked to do it again. We made burgers and had shipper with the windows open in the house.  It definitely felt like spring around here today.  It was great to be able to play outside. It is supposed to cool off some this week but it is still amazing weather for January.  You won't hear any complaints from me or the kid.
Orion loved he car wash

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