Monday, May 7, 2012

Geeky 365 -- Day 188

When dealing with a 3 year old boy, the simplest things in life become an adventure.  Going to the store becomes a scavenger hunt and getting in the car becomes an obstacle course. Tonight's adventure was a bubble bath.  Orion had to try to pop ever single bubble.  He would hit them, squeeze them, dump water on them....anything he could do to try to destroy them.  Needless to say he ended up covered in bubbles and I took the time to give him a quick mohawk to add to the effect.  I started taking pictures of him and he decided to pose for me.  First I told him to show me his mad face.

I got the giggles, so I told him to show me his happy face. 

And to switch it up I asked him what he looks like when he is sad 

Apparently in Orion's world sad = duckface?   Either way I thought the pics were hilarious and we had a lot of fun taking them.  The rest of the evening was spent reading comics together and watching some Doctor Who.  I love my geeky baby. 

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