Monday, July 3, 2017

5 Worst Parts of Pregnancy

A couple of days ago I talked about my favorite things about being pregnant.  Today, I figured I should share the things about pregnancy that I do not enjoy so much.  In general, most of my complaints have to do with being uncomfortable, but I thought it would be worth sharing nonetheless. Why not?  

The worst parts of being pregnant for me:  
  • Pain in my tailbone & hips!  This time around, my tailbone and hips have hurt on and off from almost the beginning.  The sharp pains make sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping all a challenge and I just do not appreciate the consistent discomfort. 
  • Swelling!  I've been pretty lucky in that most of the swelling is not major, but it's still very uncomfortable to have my feet swelling to where my shoes are uncomfortable, or my hands swelling enough that I have to take off my jewelry.  No bueno! 
  • Heartburn!  Heartburn is the one thing in pregnancy that I just never get used to.  I've gone through more Tums than is probably healthy and find myself getting heartburn almost daily no matter what I eat or how hydrated I am.  It's super frustrating. 
  • Becoming public property.  I've talked about this off and on throughout both of my pregnancies.  While I love the pregnancy stories from other women, I hate the comments from strangers, the stares and questions, and the fact that there suddenly seems to be no boundaries between my privacy and the people I don't even know.  It drives me crazy.  
  • Being babied!  There are so many people who seem to feel that pregnant women are no longer adults who can take care of themselves.  I get very annoyed by people telling me that I can't do something, like lifting my own watermelon at the grocery store, simply because I'm pregnant.  I know my limitations, don't tell me I can't do something!! 

So those are my biggest complaints.  Knowing the experiences some women face, none of these complaints seem to be all that major at all! 
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