Monday, October 20, 2008

Ultrasound--What will baby be?!?!

This morning Seth and I went to the hospital for our 2nd ultrasound. Nothing says "I love my baby" like spending 45 minutes with a full bladder and someone pushing and prodding on your gut! Anyway, we got to see the baby's brain, heart, stomach, bladder, feet, hands, and even it's little "gender." From as far as we can tell there is no "doodle" so that makes the baby-to-come a GIRL! That's right folks. We will have a little girl in a few short months. We still have to hear back from the actual radiologist to make sure everything is "normal" but from as far as we can tell she looks perfect! We even got to see her nose and lips. She was definitely a naughty little girl this morning though (takes after her daddy already!!). Every time the ultrasound tech would try to get a picture lined up for something, the baby would move away or even put her hands up to hide whatever we were trying to look at. There was even one point where she rolled over, crossed her arms in front of her face, and balled up her knees so all we could see were knees and elbows. While it was pretty freaking adorable, it made it difficult on the tech to get all the pictures she needed to get. After 45 minutes of poking and prodding she finally managed to get her to uncross her legs long enough to sneak a peak in there (although a rather quick one) to show us the lack of doodle. So there you have it folks...there is a little tiny uterus in my uterus. There's a thought for ya! Have a great day.
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