Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy baby weekend

This weekend Seth went out of town, so I decided to do something fun, just me and Orion.  Of course, the adventure ended up being bigger than just the two of us, but that's where it started.  Seth left town on Friday, so my sister kindly offered to take me home.  She ended up spending the night.  We cooked some quick supper, then with Orion in tow made a quick trip into Wal-mart for some essentials that we were out of (toilet paper, apple juice, hair dye, ya know..the important stuff!).  We of course had to look for b-day gifts for Orion while we were there, and Ashley managed to find an adorable pair of spiderman pajamas in just the right size.  We showed them to Orion and he grabbed ahold of them and drug them along throughout the rest of our shopping trip.  It was adorable to see him carrying around a hanger with pjs on it that was taller than he was.  He was so proud of himself.   Needless to say, he was exhausted after such an exciting adventure of spiderman pjs and pushing the cart around the store, so he went to sleep quickly after we got home.  Ashley spent the rest of the night using said hair dye and enjoying each other's company.   The next morning Orion was up bright and early (unfortunately the sun was not!!) and ready for more fun.  We ate some breakfast, got ready for the day, caught a super quick nap, and headed into town to meet up with my cousin Amanda, her husband, and their son Blake, who is only 6 months older than Orion.  We went and grabbed a quick lunch, and then we were off to the Children's Museum.  Now, origionally I was quite nervous about taking an almost-1 month old baby to the children's museum, fearing he would be stomped, trampled, and lost in the crowd (especially on a Saturday!) however it ended up being MUCH better than I had anticipated.  When we first got there Orion seemed to be a little bit overwhelmed with all the people and the stuff going on.  We decided to go into the play "Doctor's Office."  Blake chose to play with the giant stuffed dog in there.  What did Orion choose to play with you ask?  Well....umm......ok.  It was a stool.  Seriously...a red...stool.  He's easily entertained I suppose. 
I'm not saying I was concerned or anything...but really.....a stool??  Ok, I'm done.  After the Dr. office we took the boys to a car that was just their size.  They had so much fun driving it together and screaming like crazy people.  Orion loved to drive it.  He was once again very proud of himself. 

He did however let Blake drive too, and seemed to enjoy that just as much.  I'm not sure if you can tell here though:

I think these two boys may have quite a future ahead of them.....we may be in trouble!!


After driving around we hit up the grocery store, and a construction site.  We then went in to play a little bit of football.  Orion wasn't much on it but Blake really seemed to enjoy himself.  Orion tried on a jersey and some pads...I don't think he'll ever grow into them. 

We played in a semi, as well as a fire truck.  We hit up some toy tractors...and then mommy captured Orion for a minute of snuggles in the BIG CHAIR! 

We tried to paint Orion's face.  He eventually approved (by kissing himself in the mirror) but seemed a lot more interested in licking the stick than letting me paint his face.  
They played in the mole hills...which we forced Aunt Ashley to crawl through with them(she liked it.  Don't let her tell you any different!!).  They played in the water (where Orion kept trying to LICK everything!!).  

We commanded a space station and pretended to be an astronaut.  


We flew an airplane, played giant chess, read books, and then landed an airplane.  Needless to say it was a BIG afternoon!  We had so much more planned, but by the time we left the Children's Museum nap time had come and gone, and driving to our next location Orion passed out.   We spent Sunday just snuggling, reading books, and watching X-Men.  My son was exhausted.  Now you can ask if Orion really had as much fun as I make it sound like, or if I'm just making it up because I enjoyed it....but for me, this face says it all. 

Now does this say "excitement" or does this say "help I'm crazy" or does it say "My mom locked me in a plexiglass box and I can't get out...that's for you to decide.  Either way, I'm so thankful for the amazing adventures I get to have with my favorite little boy.

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