Friday, March 5, 2010

One year---a reflection.

If you've never experienced the first year of being a mother, I promise you that you have no idea how quickly time can go.  It truly seems like last week when I first held my beautiful boy in my arms...first kissed his beautiful face.  It seems like days ago that I first saw my son's smile and begged him to roll over.  Only yesterday when he first got up and started to crawl, and just this morning when I first cheered in glee as he took his first steps across my kitchen.   I don't understand where my time has gone.  How has my tiny bundle of baby somehow morphed into a giddy toddler so quickly??  I find myself sitting here begging time to slow down, terrified that I am going to miss something....or worse, maybe I'll forget that these little things ever even existed.  Our son is amazing.  He gives hugs and kisses.  He loves his mommy and his daddy like crazy.  He's friendly and playful, but shy and flirty.  He's happy.  I think that's most important.  I honestly believe that Orion is happy.   Not to mention that he is SO dang smart.  He can walk, uses a sippy cup, feeds himself, is starting to try to use silverware, and turns the pages in a book, found out how to turn objects sideways to get them out of a latched cabinet.  *sigh*  I'm amazed and entertained by him every day.  All it takes is a single look from him to make me smile.  Yesterday was his birthday, and on Sunday we're having a birthday party with all of the family.  I know he's little and doesn't know what is going on, but I want to celebrate not only his birthday, but our first year as a family.  So happy happy birthday baby Orion, who is not really a baby.  I hope that someday you can understand that me and daddy are both better people because you exist.   We love you very much!
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