Thursday, October 20, 2011

Geeky 365 -- Day 29

Orion is getting so big. A lot of his pants are getting to the point where they will soon be too short.  It's always a struggle because he has such a little frame that his pants are either falling off his butt or too short.   I've been grabbing pants for him as I see them.  He'll grow into them eventually.  We went today and got him some new shoes.   He really enjoyed trying on different kinds of shoes....including mine:

After shoe shopping we went to get some supper.  It's always entertaining to eat when a 2 year old is your only conversationalist.  Either way we had a good time. However, food took longer than Orion would have liked to show up.  First he kept his cool.....

Then he started to get bored...he'd rotate between asking for some food and doing this:

Eventually though he did get some food and seemed to be very satisfied.  We then came home & snuggled up with some juice and a movie to relax the rest of the evening.  All and all it has been a great day.

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