Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's true - 6 weeks 4 days

So, I went to the doctor yesterday, and they confirmed that I am it's official.  PREGNANT!  I'm 32 years old, so this was definitely a surprise, but at this point we've decided that it was meant to be.  The angst is fading and excitement is growing.  I still feel a bit weird about everything, but I hope that will go away over time.

So the important things.  I'm currently 6 weeks & 4 days pregnant, and my due date is listed as July 9, 2017.  So where does all of that mean?

About the baby: 

Currently, baby is about the size of a lady bug.  Primitive blood has started to move through the tiny body, and the spleen is beginning to form.  It's growing and before long a heartbeat may be able to be heard.  Whee exciting things.

About me: 

In general, I feel pretty great.  I'm not as exhausted as I felt when initially pregnant with Orion.  I have gotten  a few of the sharp hormonal headaches that I got last time, but those are rare so far.  Unfortunately, I do seem to be experiencing some nausea.  I haven't gone full morning sickness yet, but I have felt queasy for about a week now, but it's pretty mild so tolerable for now.  I'm trying to just stay hydrated, and started taking prenatal vitamins yesterday.
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