Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 8

Week 8 is officially here for this super secret pregnancy.  I love learning about what's happening week by week as the baby grows, so I figured I would share those changes, as well as how I'm doing with you each week.  

For baby:
The baby is now about the size of a raspberry and is still growing super quickly.  Hands and feet are starting to develop from the little paddles they started life as.  Eyelids are also forming to cover the tiny eye spots before they start to develop.  The very beginnings of lungs are developing, and the tail is almost gone! The brain continues to grow and develop, and the head is still at least half of the baby's total size at this point.  The baby is also moving around in there, even though it's too small to be felt by me.  

For momma:
Paranoia continues.  I've taken another test this week to make sure that I'm actually still pregnant. It sounds crazy, but ya know.  I have considered buying a little baby heart monitor to see if I can hear that, but I'm trying to be patient until I see the doctor on December 9th...but that still feels like FOREVER away.  I still have no nausea and feel essentially like my normal self.  My boobs may not hurt, but they are definitely changing.  I had to buy a new bra today in a different size!  Also, by continuing to watch my diet and stuff I've lost 6 pounds so far in this pregnancy, so that's a good start.  Also, while I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic until I see the doctor and am sure that things are going well...I find myself starting to get excited about the prospect of another little one. Fingers crossed that things continue to go well. 
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