Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 7

Well we've reached week 7 of this super secret pregnancy. We haven't told anyone yet so I am writing these blogs and saving them as drafts until it's time to tell the world. It's nice to have an outlet because keeping the news to myself is very hard!!  Anyway what does week 7 bring?

For baby:
The umbilical cord is developed and now my nutrition will be shared with the baby and waste will be returned through my blood. The baby has developed little arm nublets and the organs are starting to form. It is currently about the size of a dice, so that's fun to imagine.

For momma:
I actually feel much better than last week. Nausea seems to have faded for now and my boobs aren't quite as tender. While it's a nice relief, with the fading symptoms comes my paranoia. It's hard to believe you're actually pregnant when you feel normal. When pregnant with Orion I found myself taking almost weekly pregnancy tests to make sure the baby was still there. Once I could feel movement I was fine but until that point I hate the unknown.  Here is hoping the time until my next doctors appointment goes quickly!
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