Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 22

So, this is definitely posted late, but we've now reached week 22. July still feels like a long time away, but I'm trying to get as much stuff ready as I can.  There are still things that I know need to be done, but we're making progress, so that's something.

For baby
Baby is now 11 inches long and nearly 1 pound in weight!  Movements are getting easier to detect and are happening more steadily.  Lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are now easily distinguishable.  The eyes are formed, but the irises still have no color.   The pancreas is also in the process of developing and starting to create their own hormones.

For momma:

I got a new pregnancy pillow and this thing has been amazing!  I have even gone so far as to take ALL of the other pillows off my side of the bed, which is amazing since I previously had 4 of them.  For those curious, I bought this pillow.  It is super comfortable and keeps me from sleeping on my back or stomach, which is such an improvement.  
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