Friday, December 2, 2011

Geeky 365 -- Day 72

So, random bit of knowledge for you.  Orion talks in his sleep...a lot.  There are stretches where it happens almost every night.  Sometimes it makes me sad, listening to him whine and say he wants his daddy or mommy.  Other times he makes me giggle, fighting over toys with other kids in his sleep.  Last night he was busy telling people "That's not yours.  It's mine!!"   I know that several members of my family talk in their sleep, and I have horrible sleep habits, so it isn't terribly surprising.  It makes me wonder what he's dreaming.   I'm very curious about what goes on in his little brain a vast majority of the time and can't wait until he gets old enough to express those thoughts completely....but for now, let him stay little.  Yesterday I told him he was cute.  His response, "No mommy.  You're cute."  Seriously, how can that not just completely melt your heart??

Another bit of randomness for you.  While I was in the kitchen making supper, I had my laptop sitting on the couch.  I came in to the living room to find O had picked it up and was busting out some WoW.  I'm so proud of my geeky baby.  I am definitely looking forward to introducing him to those things as he gets older.  He's a great kid and I have high hopes for his geeky future.

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