Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dreamland is Back

The entire time I was pregnant with Orion, I had crazy, vivid dreams that were very entertaining to retell.  I've always had very vivid dreams, but that seems even more intensified while I'm pregnant.  Last night I believe I had my first pregnancy dream again.  It was pretty short, because my alarm cut it off, but I was entertained nonetheless.  So, why wait?  Let's just tell the story.

I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office.  Time was passing and I just kept waiting and waiting.  Eventually, this SUPER old nurse comes out and calls my name.  By SUPER old, think 100 years old.  However, she is also SUPER fast.  I look down and realized that I'm also VERY pregnant, which means that I am anything but fast.  I get up and try to waddle after her, barely catching up with her in the hallway.  She rushes past the scale and I ask her "wait, aren't I supposed to use this thing" (in real life I would NEVER ask to be weighed.  If they want to skip it, all the better.)  She rolls her eyes at me and sighs really hard and says "I guess".  So I try to step up on the scale, but the thing is crooked and unbalanced like there is a tennis ball under one side of it.  I keep trying to find my balance, but it's leaning so far to the left, that I find myself leaning up against the wall just to stand on it. Despite the fact that I'm not actually standing on the scale, she starts pushing the tab around, chooses a weight arbitrarily since there is no way she ever found balance and writes down a number.  I look over her shoulder and see her write down 112 which is something I haven't weighed since at least middle school.  I tell her there is no way that's right, and she turns around to yell at me for looking at my chart.

At that point my alarm clock went off and my time with the oldest nurse in the world ended.  :)
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