Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 29

Week 29.  So, I totally missed week 28, but here we are, playing catch up!  Sorry.  We are officially in the third and final trimester.  Woohoo.  We've had lots of rain and things are starting to grow and turn green, which is great.  So, what's happening in pregnancy world this week?

For baby

Baby is now about 16 inches long and weighs about three pounds!  That seems so big, but in the next 11 weeks baby will at least double, if not triple in size.  That seems crazy.  More and more fat is being deposited under baby's skin which is where most of the additional weight will come from. The baby still moves a lot, but is super stubborn and won't kick consistently for either of the boys.  I can tell Orion is frustrated, and that makes me sad.  I hope that as the baby continues to grow it will get easier for him to feel.

For momma:

Well, things are still progressing.  Unfortunately, I've officially had my first calf cramp.  I fully expected them, but I still hate them SO much.  They wake me from a dead sleep and take so long to go away again.  *sigh*  I've also started to have a weird issue where I feel light headed if I get too hot, which has only happened twice, but it's not fun at all.  Otherwise, things are just moving along.  I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday, which includes my gestational diabetes test, so we'll see how things go there. 
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