Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 26--Developments and Changes

Wow. We're already at week 26, meaning next week will be the beginning of the 3rd and final trimester!! I can't believe we've made it this far this quickly. During week 26 there are not too many developments, which seems to be the pattern from this point on. Our little one will continue to put on weight and look more like a "normal" baby. Her retinas will also continue to develop, so she's in there looking around and blinking, between her naps of course. Speaking of naps, I could really use one for sure!! I'm really tired, but school will be finished in just over 2 weeks so hopefully I'll have a little time to relax after that (haha, yeah right). Other changes that should be happening in there:
  • The baby will begin to make breathing movements
  • She will be able to respond to touch
That means that even though Seth is constantly telling me I'm going to dent our poor baby from poking her, she may actually start to poke back! How exciting. Also, now that she can see, people say that if you put a flash light to your belly, she may respond. I may have to try that one out tonight after we get home. Tomorrow we have another Dr. appointment as well, so I will try to update you on everything then.
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