Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 28 -- Developments and Changes

Week 28. Oh how fast time goes. Finals week is almost over and graduation is approaching, which gives me little time to think about all the great things that the baby is accomplishing this week. While I am putting on my cap and gown, she will continue growing and stretching, not to mention:
  • Brain tissue continuing to develop
  • The folds and grooves of her brain will continue to develop and expand
  • Her very first dreams can begin
  • She'll be blinking and batting those newly present eyelashes.
  • Eyebrows are present...unless she looks like me..then they'll be nearly invisible forever.
  • gaining more and more body fat, while increasing her muscle tone
She's working out in there in order to be a healthy baby once she comes out of there. Let's just hope she behaves well while I finish up my finals, graduate, and finish (err...maybe start) my Christmas shopping! Our next Dr. appointment is December 23rd and then we will schedule the next ultrasound. That's what's happening in our neck of the woods. Let us know how you are all doing!
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