Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 27--Developments and Changes

Welcome to the 3rd and final trimester of this thing we call pregnancy! So far I have loved nearly every moment of this trip, and can't believe we're getting so very close to the end already. The baby is moving more and more, and is definitely getting stronger. The muscles should be developed enough now to allow her to suck her thumb, and do other small refined movements. Other developments this week:
  • The network of nerves to the ear is completed
  • The baby takes some practice breaths to strengthen the lungs
  • Eyelids begin to open, and the retinas begin to form
  • She may be also able to recognize me and Seth's voices. How cool is that??
So that's about all I have this week. Sorry to cut things short, but it's finals week so I have a TON of stuff on my plate. Have a great week!!
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