Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 30--Changes and Developments

Welcome to week 30 of our baby's development. Yesterday was a pretty crazy day with the ultrasound surprise, and this morning I got a call from my Dr. office that said that the due date interpreted from the ultrasound was February 21!! Despite all of that, I'm going to stick with my original due date, and if he/she comes earlier, then great!! I guess though that this means I'm back to having to use he/she and the baby to explain things since we really don't know what to expect! Now that I've got that out there, on with the show!! This week there are a few developments still being made:
  • The baby's head is getting larger.
  • The early lanugo is disappearing. There are still patches on the back and shoulders.
  • The eyelids open and close. But usually the baby should have its eyes open and looking around.
  • The bone marrow is now responsible for making red blood cells.
So that's what's new this week. Sorry it's short today, but I'm still pretty freaked out after yesterday!! Who knew that we would become less sure of what we were having and even WHEN we were going to have it as the time got closer. Ugh!
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