Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Registries

So I've been busy getting baby registry stuff all set up for the upcoming shower's and for anyone that's just curious what I would like to have for the baby. Keep in mind that any clothing listed can be bought in any size (I really don't care) and that most stuff should be neutralish at least since we don't know what we're having any more!

Sears Registry

Walmart Registry

JCPenney Registry

Toys R Us Registry

Target Registry

So I have now finished Shopko's registry as well, but it won't let me link directly to my list, so here's a link to their registry page and you will have to search for my name from there. There are actually 2 listed as well, but 1 of them is empty and the other has all my info in it (not sure why at all!!) Shopko Registry. Sorry about the confusion...I blame it on ShopKo being GHETTO!! If you have anywhere else you think I should (or would like me to register) let me know and I'll jump on it!
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