Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fetal Non-Stress Test

I went to my first NST this morning. The test went fine, but there is not much more boring than laying in a labor/delivery room by yourself strapped to multiple monitors. It was entertaining to listen to the baby's heart beat for an hour, and to see the reaction between the heart beat and movement, but it still sucked. The monitor shows that the baby's just perfect, and the heart reacts exactly how it's supposed to. Here's what went on:

I showed up at the hospital and had to report to the labor and delivery floor, where I was actually put into a delivery room. Once there they made me lay on a hospital bed, and then strapped a heart monitor on my stomach to listen to the baby. Once they found the heart beat, baby did a cartwheel and the monitor lost the heart monitor. They took off the monitor, re-gunked it up, and then went on the search of the heart beat again. They found it after a minute of searching, and strapped the sucker back on. Baby held still that time, and then they hooked up a second monitor to my stomach to see if I was having contractions (I'm not). The baby hated the second monitor and kicked the crap out of it for a while. They then put on a blood pressure cuff and handed me a button to push every time I felt the baby move. They then left me in the room by myself for nearly an hour, which gave me the chance to listen to the baby and stuff, but was really boring. They came in and looked at the sheet and the baby looked perfect, so they took off all the monitors, scheduled my next NST (for Monday), and let me go home. So like I said, it wasn't really all that eventful, and everything turned out fun, but I am not looking forward to doing it twice a week on top of my weekly Dr. appointment. Meh!
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