Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 13

Week 13!  The FINAL week of the first trimester.  What a trip it's been so far.  At this point, our family all knows about this little stardust baby, so that's exciting.  Now to just keep things quiet for a little while longer before officially going public. I'd like to wait until Valentine's day, but we'll see if I make it that long before making a public post.  So what is going on this week?  

For baby:
The baby is now about the size of a peach, and the head is still about half of the body size. Eventually they should balance out, but for now the baby still looks a bit alien.  Vocal cords are developing as well, and baby now has enough movement ability to be able to suck their thumb!  Intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into the baby's body as well.  Placenta is also growing, making room for baby and providing the much needed nutrient supply.  Next, we jump into 2nd trimester.  Eek! 

For momma:
This week has been very interesting.  I received a job offer at our local Education Service Unit.  This is a promotion for me, which means better pay, but also something more in-line with my education and interests.  Even after I told them I was expecting, they were still very excited to hire me.  I'm thrilled with this opportunity, but it definitely makes things even more interesting in our household.  Pregnancy-wise, I feel good.  I don't have any real symptoms and I'm not absolutely exhausted right now, which is nice.  I have felt a little bit bloated, and have definitely been dealing with some constipation, gross I know, but that's about it at this point.  
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