Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dr. Appointment 2/18/2009

I had another Dr. appointment yesterday and it went pretty uneventfully. I lost 3 pounds this blood pressure is fine....and they didn't even check my blood sugar because they won't start me on anything for it anyway at this point! The baby's heart beat is still going strong. That's about all that they did. Next week they will actually check my cervix and if I haven't gone into labor they may try to induce me at the end of next week. However, if my cervix isn't favorable they'll wait another week to get closer to my due date. At this point it's all up to the cervix. My best guarantee to have a baby in the next go into labor all on my own. So that's my goal for the next week. Who's up for it? Anyone have any marvelous ideas??
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