Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Geeky 365 -- Day 48

There is never a day with Orion that he doesn't absolutely amaze me.  His adorable smile that can warm the heart of strangers, his tiny voice and exhilarating laugh that can brighten an entire room, and his hilarious sense of humor that can make me laugh until it hurts...I am so grateful for each and every one of those moments.  Orion has never met anyone that didn't love him completely.  His intelligence and small stature always amazes people.  They see this little tiny boy with this adorable tiny voice and enormous heart that shines through his smile...and then they hear him speak.  He now knows the entire alphabet and can name several of the letters on site.  He can identify the letter O and therefore usually can pic out his name in a group.  He can count to 10 (and sometimes beyond) and has finally mastered the colors.  Lately, he has taken to writing the letter "O" over and over.  He wants so badly to write that he has me write his name and then starts in on his own.  He's such a smart little boy with a vivid imagination.  If only he would master the potty training thing but it's hard to be consistent with it when daycare still has set "potty times" and don't generally take him on demand.  He's still in a pull up all day there, but can go all evening, and often even all day on the weekend with no accidents (other than overnights where he is still in pull-ups).  Oh well.  When that's our biggest obstacle at 2 1/2 I think we're off to an amazing start! 

Orion working on writing his name by copying what I've written.

Orion loves wearing these play glasses around.  Both his dad and his best friend wear glasses so it isn't surprising. 

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