Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Geeky 365 -- Day 55

Orion is such a social creature that it amazes me.  I've always been more of a wall flower unless I'm with people I'm comfortable with and so has O's daddy.  O, on the other hand, is greeted by people everywhere we go, both children and adults.  When we take him to daycare in the morning kids from other classrooms call him over for a hug and teachers all say hi and vie for his attention.  Once we get into his classroom it isn't unusual to have a couple kids drop what they're doing to run over and give him a hug or call him over to play with him.  I'm incredibly grateful that he has such an outstanding personality that being social is easy for him.  I'm kind of jealous!  It's never been easy for me so I'm glad that for him it seems to come as second nature.  What an outstanding kid. 

O being greeted by friends. 

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