Saturday, November 19, 2011

Geeky 365 -- Day 59

What a great, relaxing day with Orion.  He woke up bright and early but we ended up watching a movie while eating breakfast in bed.  When we finally ended up getting up we went into O's room where we read books and played in the ball pit we keep stashed in there.  We giggled and sang songs.  He was in a fabulous, lovey mood.  We finally made it downstairs where we changed out of our pjs and got ready for the day.  Orion helped me get ready.  Even that was entertaining.  We ended up driving in to Walmart so we could pick up a few groceries and wandered the store aimlessly.  We spent some quality time checking out the fish (which are still not for sale?).  Afterwords we went and grabbed some lunch at Pizza Hut and drove back home.  The weather is cold and cloudy so we were pretty limited in our adventures.  We ended up curled up on the couch and taking a nap together.  After we woke up we built some block towers and O pretended to cook me some corn.  I made some supper while O ran around the house with the camera taking pictures of everything.  We ate and then jumped in the bath tub.  There were probably too many splashes and the walls were covered in bath crayons by the time we were finished.  We put our pjs back on and snuggled up with our blankies for stories and quality Ruby Gloom watching.  Orion just climbed the stairs to his room a few minutes ago with me carrying his blankets up behind him.  I can still hear his deep breathing as he starts to relax and doze off through the baby monitor.  Days like today make every moment I feel overwhelmed completely worth it.  I have an incredible son and am loving my adventures with him.

O helping mommy get ready for the day.
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