Friday, December 23, 2016

Telling My Sisters

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season with lots of time with your family, lots of laughter, and some decent weather.  We made a short, quick trip back to visit my family this year to spend the holiday with them, and of course to share our big news.  It's a big tradition in my family that my sisters and I get together and decorate what we lovingly refer to as "the ugly tree."  It's a tree with a hodge-podge of unmatching ornaments, ranging from the stuff mom got from her father to the stuff we made as children and insisted that she keep.  It's something that I look forward to, and definitely a tradition that I have started at home with Orion as well.  I decided, what better way to tell my sisters than to make new ornaments for this tree that we share each year?  I decided to make a jar for each of us, one ketchup, one salsa, and one Prego spaghetti sauce.  :)

I bought a couple of the large jars of baby food and disposed of the actual food (yuck baby hot dogs!!).  I washed the jars and with Orion's help we got to decorating the jars.  Orion painted the inside of each jar red, and I painted the lids gold.  We then affixed some labels on them and attached some strings to hang them from, and the story was ready to be told.

So when we got home, everyone in my family their ornament.  My step-father received one that says "I love Grandpa".  He put his on the tree.  I then had my mother open her ornament and started to tell the story.  She received an UGLY tomato.  I told my sisters they could open their ornaments.  I said, see, you have salsa and ketchup...those things come from the tomato and share a lot of traits, but there is also something that makes them different and individual.  Orion and I then went into the bedroom to get my ornament.  He quickly changed into a shirt that says "Rawr means I'm a big brother in dinosaur" and I brought out my ornament, a little jar of Prego. Arlana knew instantly, and started just saying "are you....are you...." over and over, wanting to ask but scared she was wrong.  Ashley had to read Orion's shirt before she got it.  When I finally said "yes, I'm pregnant" Arlana yelled "YAY" while Ashley started bawling.  There were lots of hugs and it was a very sweet moment.  I'm glad that I got to surprise my sisters in such a fun way.

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