Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 11

We're at week 11!  Woohoo.  By this time next week we will have told most of our family about this little one.  I'm excited and nervous, but ready to be able to share this secret with the people we love. Just a few more days to wait! So what is going on this week?  

For baby:
The baby is now about the size of a brussel sprout, which is about 1.5 to 2 inches long.  Baby now has open nasal passages and will be able to smell by the end of the week.  There is a tiny tongue and palate in the mouth, and even tiny nipples on the chest.  And finally, the fingers and toes are losing their webbing and individual fingers and toes are formed.  

For momma:
Overall, I feel normal.  I'm less sleepy this week than I have been the past couple weeks, although I could happily use a nap in the afternoon most days.  The oddest symptom so far is that I am FREEZING!  I'm typically not someone who is excessively cold, but I find myself snuggled under a blanket at home, and sitting at my desk at work with a space heater under it even when others think it's too hot in the building.  
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