Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 10

We're at week 10 and the end of the first trimester is in site.  We've still managed to keep most of our family from knowing what's going on, so hopefully things go well for the next 2 weeks so that we can tell them!!  We plan on telling them at our Christmas get together, so it should be pretty interesting. So what is going on this week?  

For baby:
The baby is now about the size of a lego minifigure, which is pretty cool to think about.  The internal organs are starting to function, and several of the joints are also fully formed.  This week, the nose develops and the baby now has a sense of smell.  Also, the baby should almost have enough muscle control to make a fist.  A tiny, tiny fist.  Awww how cute. 

For momma:
I feel pretty good other than being super sleepy.  Otherwise, there aren't a lot of pregnancy symptoms to speak of. It makes the paranoia even stronger I think.  I am so so anxious for Thursday when I go back to the doctor.  Until then, I'm hesitant to get excited at all.  I hate to be so negative, but I'm also terrified to allow myself to be excited and have it end in heartache.  *fingers crossed*
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