Thursday, February 9, 2017

4th Doctor Appointment

I went back to the doctor for my monthly appointment.  As normal, I again peed in a cup for whatever reason.  My weight has dropped further, so I'm now down 14 pounds since I got pregnant.  Blood pressure was 120/62 which is good, but my body temperature is finally back to normal.  Baby's heart beat was 145 bpm, which sounds excellent.  The nurses also took my blood to test for neural tube defects to make sure there isn't anything like spina bifida.  Unfortunately, the nurses were NOT awesome, and ended up with 2 different nurses and poking both arms and digging around before being able to get any blood.  I'm now all bruised and crabby.  My next appointment is at 20 weeks where they will do the big anatomy scan ultrasound.  It should be pretty exciting.

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