Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dr Appt - 20 Weeks

We had our 20 week ultrasound appointment today.  Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed getting to see our little one.  We saw everything, head to toe, including the brain and 4-chambered heart, hands and feet, and even a little bit of personality.  Baby didn't like having the brain scanned, and tried to hide behind the depth of my belly button.  We saw waving hands and kicking feet and lots of sass from the little one.  Everything is scanning at the perfect gestational size as well. Overall, everything looks great with the placenta in the right place and a perfect three vessel umbilical cord. Even my Cervix looks pretty good.  Plus the tech was great.  She answered my questions as we went along and kept us updated on what she was looking at.  There were times where she would even talk to the baby as she was trying to get baby to move or wiggle about.  When we told her about the first ultrasound with Orion, she even went so far as to bring a second tech in to verify the gender to help ease our distrust of the result.  :)   And no, I'm not quite ready to announce what that answer was here quite yet.  :)

Everything else from the Doctor's appointment was pretty uneventful, which is definitely a good thing.  So we've passed the halfway mark and things are a-ok.

Other Stats:

Baby Heartbeat:  150 bpm
My Blood Pressure: 119/72
Body Temperature: Normal
My Weight: Down

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